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Retinal detachment 

The separation of the layers of retina is called as Retinal Detachment (RD). Somewhat like the peeling of wall-paper during rains and water seeping in the walls. Along with RD, there is a collection of fluid between the layers, called a sub-retinal fluid (SRF).


High myopia - High Minus number glasses. This is the commonest cause. 40% RDs occur in myopes.
Aging - With aging, the jelly, called the vitreous, becomes more liquid and shrinks. This is called in medical terms as posterior vitreous detachment or PVD. This causes a loss of support to the retina. Also, some strands of the vitreous are attached to the retina and pull on it, thus causing retinal tears. Fluid enters the layers and separates them, causing retinal detachment.
Injury to the eye
Some types of Retinal Degenerations.



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